Thursday, October 20, 2016

0 Slicethepie : Earn Money for Reviewing Music, Fashion & Mobile

Some of you might already know  that What is Slicethepie & How to earn Money from it but ,   


       Slicethepie was launched in 2007 with the mindset of reviewing Music of the major US record labels and thousands of independent artists, but in 2015 they developed & open doors not only for Music but also for Fashion & Mobile Reviewing, letting their publishers to earn more money from Reviewing not only Music but also other categories also.

In making money from Slicethepie, mostly Two things matter,

  • Star Rating

  • Dexterity in English Language  

          Star Rating runs from 1 star to 5stars & it determines how much money you'd make from a one single review , 

eg : 1 star Reviewers are paid $ 0.01 minimum while the 5 star Reviewers are paid $ 0.20 minimum for a Song review.

Star Rating can be increased according to your Standard of reviewing as whether your reviews are detailed & legit, also whether your reviews can help the advertisers to modify and innovate their brands to a new level.

         Dexterity in Language English or how skillful you in handling English language in an essential factor in making money for Slicethepie as Quality of your reviews also depends on your language skills. In the upper section I mentioned about a minimum because if your English if fair or good or if it's better your earnings normally increase with it.

If you want to be practical, we can get a rough idea about how much money you can make from a day's time. I will assume that your English is Good & you only have a 1 star rating, lower the better I guess.

eg : 
$0.05 per song  x 20 songs per hour 
(50 referrals)  $ 0.005 per song  x 50 x 20 
$ 6 per hour 
( without reviewing Fashion or Mobile )

For each & every referral review you get 10% of their earning and for reviewing Fashion & Mobile you can obtain higher earnings that reviewing music tracks.

As a help in earning better $$$, I'll state few of the prominent facts you should pay attention in reviewing in Slicethepie ;

  •  Standard $, Bonus $$ and Max $$$  
Some categories will pay more than others, depending on what is priority. Slicethepie'll let you know what is paying more when you reach the category page.     

  •  Reviewing Fashion & Mobile 
When reviewing fashion & mobile products look at the pictures and information on the product provided and cite on the design, material, whether you’d buy it, can it be modified with the idea of utilizing for better, & whether it's eye catching & mind-blowing.        

  •  Referral Programme
Slicethepie offers pretty good a referral program for first level referrals. You will receive 10% of all your referrals earnings. Send out a mass invite via Facebook or Twitter and convince as many as you can to sign-up.     

          In Slicethepie You can cashout from Paypal when your earnings reach $10. You don't have to fret as the site has a good history for being an Elite (when a site is better than a legit site) site. If you have one or two spare hours a day you can earn naturally $ 10 - $12 per hour with the help of other categories and your referrals & nearly $ 300 - $ 360 monthly if you give it shot. If you can attain 5 star rating, ... I don't know what to say !

Finally if you're interested in earning a Monthly income from Slicethepie & thinks this article helped you in a way, you can be my referral by Registering from here


Saturday, October 8, 2016

0 Clickbank + Twitter : How to Utilize Twitter in Affiliate Marketing

Today's article mainly focuses on Affiliate Marketing as How to Boost Up your Sales in Affiliate Marketing sites using one of the renowned social media sites, Twitter. Most of you guys might already know about using Twitter for your affiliate marketing, but unto what degree, what are the boundaries and whether you were handling the social media in an effective way for your Affiliate Marketing, those things I'll show to you with the New Method today I'm going to present.

When using twitter with clickbank, we can part it to three fragments.

  • Find what's Trending
You can use Google Trends or Twitter Trends in finding what are the trending topics these days. Once you have found a topic you must think of problems which can arise in that topic as if the 'Computers' are the trending topic, Question can be ' How to give a full System Unit Service ' likewise.

  • A suitable niche, A Content  &  A Product

Few possible niches can be like, 

  1. Dating Girls
  2. Making money (if people tweet about unemployment )
  3. Health isuues & Figure maintaining strategies

Once we have a niche, we are going to make a quick blog or website, put our information on the page and state about How can we solve the problem. Find an e-book or a product from clickbank which is relevant to the mentioned problem. When stating the product do sure to go through that products details and check whether it is really reliable and worthy to buy. If you make false statements to your traffic and fool them they might not visit your site or blog in the future.

  • Utilizing Twitter to identify the Buyers

Do a search on Twitter for your niche keyword(s). When you search be sure to add “-http” to the end of your search. This subtracts http from your searches and filters out other marketer’s tweets. When you find a relevant tweet go ahead and reply to them. Make your tweet sound real and not spammy. Also address the problem in your tweet. Do not post a direct link to your site in the tweet because a lot of times will get flagged or will be too many characters long. use Google URL Shortener to shorten the url. Once you shorten it go ahead and post it in your twitter and publish it.

If you follow the steps carefully and give your creative hand to this method this will be a jackpot for you, once it started it will be an automated cash generating machine for You. 

Hope you guys found something interesting and learned something worthy for spending your time reading this article. 


Friday, October 7, 2016

0 Adsense, Why is it so Headache giving ; Basics in Adsense

Everyone is looking forward to earn higher Ad revenue from Google Adsense as much as possible. In that journey we have to face numerous hindrances that will block our path from reaching to our Success. If we are hoping for such journey it is common fact that we learn and practice to stay away or to reach to our point among them. In that process we start from the Basics and with those we head for more complicated Methods. 

                     But if you give a thought that if someday if we neglect or pay no attention to the basics and continue with complicated methods you will never come to Succeed. Because Complicated things build up upon Basics and Primary things.

 Basics to know about Google Adsense

As that we can refer Google Adsense to one of those Journeys and when you point to reach maximum revenue you must never neglect the Basics. From today this post I'll present you some Basics in the form of Questions and Answers for them. These issues may puzzled you and others a lot. So I'll explain those simple but complicated to understand things in simple language.

What is Google Adsense ?

                  The well renowned online advertising platform was Google adsense based ad-words  If we recall the history adsense started on 18th of June 2003. The main object was to increase the sails of Ad words. Google born to this world in September 4, 1998. With high rate of traffic and unbelievable acclaim Google was able to blessed from various advertisers and it establishes the birth of Google Ad words.

Google started 'Google Adsense' with the idea of increasing their sails by distributing the large amount of ads among publishers. So the talented publishers were also blessed from it. Unique Web Sites and Blogs are able to derive the Adsense from Google and modern day not only for Web Sites butt also for Youtube Accounts, Google gives Adsense.

To what category it falls on ?

Google Adsense is a PPC adnetwork. PPC is the abbreviation of Paid Per Click. Which reveals that Adsense pays for every click and not like PPM (Pay Per Million) Million means thousand here. Because of Adsense Paying for every click since the past publishers were able to earn High amounts of Revenues from it.

What are those Basics I was talking about all Day & Night ?

  • Get to Know 'Impression'
Most People think that 'Impression' refers to Page View and Impressions mean Number of Page Views that you get for your particular Site. But that is wrong. Impression means the each count that your ad blocks reload or refresh. It can be true that when you go from one page to another ad block will load and it may be equal to page views. But if every page doesn't contain ads, what will happen, then your Number of Page views won't Equal to the Number of Impressions.

  • Everyone knows 'CPC' but they really do ?
CPC stands for Click Per Cost. But it is a important fact that 'CPC' depend on demography. Which means that it varies according to Country. Revenue rate for click increases mostly if clicks appear from Western Countries. But donot underestimate Asia. Because this really depends on Advertiser and how much he expense for a days time. Some times it can be $0.01 for click and some times it canbe $10, $25 per click.

  • Be Alert on your CTR
Click Through Rate is the long term of CTR. The Ratio that prevails between your Impressions and Clicks is the CTR Rate. You must be alert and notified to keep your CTR Rate below 8 %. I'm not forcing you to delete your ad blocks if a high number of clicks flows in to your Site but to tell you that don't make false clicks as it will eventually banned your Web Site. If you get 5 clicks for 125 Impressions, it is  OK, but if you get 5 clicks for 40 or 50 views that is something troublesome.

  • Are you Focusing on Keywords ?
When clarifying the term 'Keyword' in Adsense, it takes along talk and explanation but today I'll present you the main idea and why it is important for us. Keyword is the main fact that Google decides and distributes Ads. Your Site gets ads relating to your Keyword and content. But it mainly depends on Keyword. So search for the High Paying Keywords and write your Site regarding that but don't mainly focus on getting adsense as Adsense hates that.

  • For Heaven's Sake be a Disciplined Disciple
In above Basic Steps also I notify you about some rules, regulations and limitations and for your own sake please donot  underestimate them and though you donot have time to read whole adsense Rules stick with me and I'll post Articles about Adsense Rules and read them with care.

             I presented you five Main Basics which are really important to you as an adsense publisher but donot hesitate I'll bring you more from drdinc and all you have to do is to stay connected Dudes. See you Next Time !


0 Adsense in Two Hours ; Brakes Down the First Theory

Quick Google Adsense Approval
As Everyone knows the Best Reward that a Publisher can derive  through advertising networks is the Approval of Google Adsense.  It is not arguable if a novice, was able to get the Adsense Approval because Google isn't not concerned about the experience but on the Structure, Facts and Information. We have seen lot of Adsense approved Sites throughout the Internet, and they have a similar quality in common and that is their Rich Text, Design and Attractiveness. But eventually we all witness that there are also so many Sites that are not suitable for Google Adsense have Adsense ads. 

This is the Main issue that evolve around today's topic. We have seen lot of people and sites claim that they will get the adsense approval for us in Two Hours and they claims it as Genuine Approval. When we get to heard in two hours some may be deceived but some don't trust it and they believe that something fishy is going in it. So to avoid the matter those people who claim that they will get the approval now, these days says they will get the adsense approval for us in 4 days. Then majority of us think that it must be the Genuine  Adsnese Approval as it took 4 days to get. Whether it took 2 hours or 96 hours it is still not Genuine. They only do is to get the Approval from an Adsense Partner Web Site and wait until clock runs out. Some may get $10( Adsenes Approved Account ) + $15( For the Domain ) but all they do is to get the approval from an adsense partner site and get a domain in very cheap from Godaddy. They will only spend $5-$9 but you will have to pay $25-$30. 

What are these Hosted Accounts & How to Identify Genuine ones & them ?

Like I said before Hosted Accounts are get through Adsense Partner Sites without any cost and in return 50% of your Adsense earnings will go to that Adsense Partner Site and that is why most of the guys who got adsense through these partner sites without knowing about them complain that Google has reduced the Price for a one click to amount like $0.01. But that is wrong because 50% of their earnings have gone to Adsenese Partner site and still adsense pay you the very Best in their condition. And when considering about hosted adsense accounts, even you can make an hosted adsense account on your ownself without any cost.

In the Process of Identifying the Hosted Adsense Accounts I will show you some images where you will notice that it is a Hosted Account from the Highlighted Parts. In blogs or Sites you will easily able to identify Hosted from Genuine as Hosted Sites' Source Code include both our Adsense ID and under it there is the Hoster's ID as google_ad_host="pub-xxxxxxxxxx"; .

So now You understand that there cannot be gain an Adsense Approval in Two Hours and it is a total Lie and all they do is to get an Adsense Approval from an Adsense Partner Site. Further I'll show you how to make your Hosted Adsense Account to a Genuine Adsense account. You only have to do is to follow the below Steps.

Convert Your Hosted Adsense to Genuine Adsense

  • First log on to your Adsense Account and follow the below steps as shown.

Make Hosted Adsense Account a Genuine Adsense Account

  • Now head  to the Account Settings > Access and authorization  > Sites authorized to show ads , and click edit. 

Make Hosted Adsense Account a Genuine Adsense Account

  • Then type your Newly built or Present Website or Blog in "I will show Ads On" Blank.

Make Hosted Adsense Account a Genuine Adsense Account

So, according to these steps, you will be able to derive Genuine Adsense Approval for Your Site if it is Worthy Enough. And There is so much pitfalls out there like this, Adsense in Two Hours and in my current project i'm searching for those Pitfalls and make you aware of them to not to fall for such things. For now I think my task is done and hope to see you with another interesting Article and if you have any doubts feel free to Contact Us


1 Top 10 Methods to Increase your Twitter Followers

Increase Your Twitter FollowersFrom the Previous Article I brought how to earn Money Using Twitter Social Site. Using Twitter You will be able earn Money but before that You will have to have A,mount of Twitter Followers like 500< or Above. Many of the Guys asked about how to Increase their Twitter Followers as they depend on Twitter adding tools or Following Web Sites. Some of the Sites able you to follow one and earn a new follower, but those followers won't be count  as legitimate followers and Sites that You use to earn money from Twitter won't take those followers in to their count so it won't work.

But today I came with 10 New, Basic Methods that lot of you guys neglect but will be able to increase your Followers in a rocket Speed. If you Stick with that plan You will gain 250+ followers per month I suppose.

Top 10 Methods to Gain Twitter Followers :

  •  Write an Interesting Bio : 
Your bio is the only place you have to tell people who you are and most important thing to get more followers on Twitter. Also, your bio is displayed on Twitter’s Suggested Users page.140 characters for bio may not seem like much but it’s one of the first things your potential followers will see so try to be witty, make an interesting tag-line and write anything interesting that will get people to follow you.

  •  Show what you are good at :
People who want to make money by using their skills should put their field of interest on Twitter. As more people follow you on Twitter, the more is your chance of getting an opportunity to make money.

  • Make your presence visible :
Tweet to a limit and Tweet about your passions in life and #hash tag them. Quality content coupled with an
easy way to find it never fails. If others enjoy your content, they’ll add you.

  • Tweet on the topics of your interest :
One way to succeed on Tweet is icrease your followers with your skills, your business and things that interest you. In this way you have a better chance of persuading others to follow you to pay attention to your business and stuff.

  • Follow the top twitter users :
And watch what they tweet. Pay attention to the type of content they sent out and how they address their audiences.

  • Avoid Promoting Yourself too much :
You can promote your blogs, products, music etc. But their is an invisible that you must not cross. If you do, you’ll either end up looking like a spammer/spam-bot or just clueless. Not only will you NOT gain additional followers but you will wear out your existing followers and many of them will un-follow you.

  • Give your followers something extra :
You must keep your audience with engaging to something of Yours with your Best and new ideas. This can be done by making your Twitter account a place where your followers think what’s coming up next.

  • Link Your Account :
Linking accounts is a great trick and and tip you should be doing to gain more followers in Twitter. This method is not only limits for Twitter but can use in other Social Sites also. You can link your Facebook account with Twitter and you will be able to gain more followers through it.

  • Track your results :
TwitterCounter will show you how many new users you’re adding per day and Qwitter will email you when someone unfollows you after a tweet.

  • Spread optimistically:
Use Twitter to spread optimistically. Encourage people through your posts and get them re-tweeted.The more you receive re-tweets, the more you will get Followers to your Account.

I hope You enjoy and remember to Follow me, on your Profile.