Friday, October 7, 2016

0 Adsense in Two Hours ; Brakes Down the First Theory

Quick Google Adsense Approval
As Everyone knows the Best Reward that a Publisher can derive  through advertising networks is the Approval of Google Adsense.  It is not arguable if a novice, was able to get the Adsense Approval because Google isn't not concerned about the experience but on the Structure, Facts and Information. We have seen lot of Adsense approved Sites throughout the Internet, and they have a similar quality in common and that is their Rich Text, Design and Attractiveness. But eventually we all witness that there are also so many Sites that are not suitable for Google Adsense have Adsense ads. 

This is the Main issue that evolve around today's topic. We have seen lot of people and sites claim that they will get the adsense approval for us in Two Hours and they claims it as Genuine Approval. When we get to heard in two hours some may be deceived but some don't trust it and they believe that something fishy is going in it. So to avoid the matter those people who claim that they will get the approval now, these days says they will get the adsense approval for us in 4 days. Then majority of us think that it must be the Genuine  Adsnese Approval as it took 4 days to get. Whether it took 2 hours or 96 hours it is still not Genuine. They only do is to get the Approval from an Adsense Partner Web Site and wait until clock runs out. Some may get $10( Adsenes Approved Account ) + $15( For the Domain ) but all they do is to get the approval from an adsense partner site and get a domain in very cheap from Godaddy. They will only spend $5-$9 but you will have to pay $25-$30. 

What are these Hosted Accounts & How to Identify Genuine ones & them ?

Like I said before Hosted Accounts are get through Adsense Partner Sites without any cost and in return 50% of your Adsense earnings will go to that Adsense Partner Site and that is why most of the guys who got adsense through these partner sites without knowing about them complain that Google has reduced the Price for a one click to amount like $0.01. But that is wrong because 50% of their earnings have gone to Adsenese Partner site and still adsense pay you the very Best in their condition. And when considering about hosted adsense accounts, even you can make an hosted adsense account on your ownself without any cost.

In the Process of Identifying the Hosted Adsense Accounts I will show you some images where you will notice that it is a Hosted Account from the Highlighted Parts. In blogs or Sites you will easily able to identify Hosted from Genuine as Hosted Sites' Source Code include both our Adsense ID and under it there is the Hoster's ID as google_ad_host="pub-xxxxxxxxxx"; .

So now You understand that there cannot be gain an Adsense Approval in Two Hours and it is a total Lie and all they do is to get an Adsense Approval from an Adsense Partner Site. Further I'll show you how to make your Hosted Adsense Account to a Genuine Adsense account. You only have to do is to follow the below Steps.

Convert Your Hosted Adsense to Genuine Adsense

  • First log on to your Adsense Account and follow the below steps as shown.

Make Hosted Adsense Account a Genuine Adsense Account

  • Now head  to the Account Settings > Access and authorization  > Sites authorized to show ads , and click edit. 

Make Hosted Adsense Account a Genuine Adsense Account

  • Then type your Newly built or Present Website or Blog in "I will show Ads On" Blank.

Make Hosted Adsense Account a Genuine Adsense Account

So, according to these steps, you will be able to derive Genuine Adsense Approval for Your Site if it is Worthy Enough. And There is so much pitfalls out there like this, Adsense in Two Hours and in my current project i'm searching for those Pitfalls and make you aware of them to not to fall for such things. For now I think my task is done and hope to see you with another interesting Article and if you have any doubts feel free to Contact Us


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