Friday, October 7, 2016

0 Adsense, Why is it so Headache giving ; Basics in Adsense

Everyone is looking forward to earn higher Ad revenue from Google Adsense as much as possible. In that journey we have to face numerous hindrances that will block our path from reaching to our Success. If we are hoping for such journey it is common fact that we learn and practice to stay away or to reach to our point among them. In that process we start from the Basics and with those we head for more complicated Methods. 

                     But if you give a thought that if someday if we neglect or pay no attention to the basics and continue with complicated methods you will never come to Succeed. Because Complicated things build up upon Basics and Primary things.

 Basics to know about Google Adsense

As that we can refer Google Adsense to one of those Journeys and when you point to reach maximum revenue you must never neglect the Basics. From today this post I'll present you some Basics in the form of Questions and Answers for them. These issues may puzzled you and others a lot. So I'll explain those simple but complicated to understand things in simple language.

What is Google Adsense ?

                  The well renowned online advertising platform was Google adsense based ad-words  If we recall the history adsense started on 18th of June 2003. The main object was to increase the sails of Ad words. Google born to this world in September 4, 1998. With high rate of traffic and unbelievable acclaim Google was able to blessed from various advertisers and it establishes the birth of Google Ad words.

Google started 'Google Adsense' with the idea of increasing their sails by distributing the large amount of ads among publishers. So the talented publishers were also blessed from it. Unique Web Sites and Blogs are able to derive the Adsense from Google and modern day not only for Web Sites butt also for Youtube Accounts, Google gives Adsense.

To what category it falls on ?

Google Adsense is a PPC adnetwork. PPC is the abbreviation of Paid Per Click. Which reveals that Adsense pays for every click and not like PPM (Pay Per Million) Million means thousand here. Because of Adsense Paying for every click since the past publishers were able to earn High amounts of Revenues from it.

What are those Basics I was talking about all Day & Night ?

  • Get to Know 'Impression'
Most People think that 'Impression' refers to Page View and Impressions mean Number of Page Views that you get for your particular Site. But that is wrong. Impression means the each count that your ad blocks reload or refresh. It can be true that when you go from one page to another ad block will load and it may be equal to page views. But if every page doesn't contain ads, what will happen, then your Number of Page views won't Equal to the Number of Impressions.

  • Everyone knows 'CPC' but they really do ?
CPC stands for Click Per Cost. But it is a important fact that 'CPC' depend on demography. Which means that it varies according to Country. Revenue rate for click increases mostly if clicks appear from Western Countries. But donot underestimate Asia. Because this really depends on Advertiser and how much he expense for a days time. Some times it can be $0.01 for click and some times it canbe $10, $25 per click.

  • Be Alert on your CTR
Click Through Rate is the long term of CTR. The Ratio that prevails between your Impressions and Clicks is the CTR Rate. You must be alert and notified to keep your CTR Rate below 8 %. I'm not forcing you to delete your ad blocks if a high number of clicks flows in to your Site but to tell you that don't make false clicks as it will eventually banned your Web Site. If you get 5 clicks for 125 Impressions, it is  OK, but if you get 5 clicks for 40 or 50 views that is something troublesome.

  • Are you Focusing on Keywords ?
When clarifying the term 'Keyword' in Adsense, it takes along talk and explanation but today I'll present you the main idea and why it is important for us. Keyword is the main fact that Google decides and distributes Ads. Your Site gets ads relating to your Keyword and content. But it mainly depends on Keyword. So search for the High Paying Keywords and write your Site regarding that but don't mainly focus on getting adsense as Adsense hates that.

  • For Heaven's Sake be a Disciplined Disciple
In above Basic Steps also I notify you about some rules, regulations and limitations and for your own sake please donot  underestimate them and though you donot have time to read whole adsense Rules stick with me and I'll post Articles about Adsense Rules and read them with care.

             I presented you five Main Basics which are really important to you as an adsense publisher but donot hesitate I'll bring you more from drdinc and all you have to do is to stay connected Dudes. See you Next Time !


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