Saturday, October 8, 2016

0 Clickbank + Twitter : How to Utilize Twitter in Affiliate Marketing

Today's article mainly focuses on Affiliate Marketing as How to Boost Up your Sales in Affiliate Marketing sites using one of the renowned social media sites, Twitter. Most of you guys might already know about using Twitter for your affiliate marketing, but unto what degree, what are the boundaries and whether you were handling the social media in an effective way for your Affiliate Marketing, those things I'll show to you with the New Method today I'm going to present.

When using twitter with clickbank, we can part it to three fragments.

  • Find what's Trending
You can use Google Trends or Twitter Trends in finding what are the trending topics these days. Once you have found a topic you must think of problems which can arise in that topic as if the 'Computers' are the trending topic, Question can be ' How to give a full System Unit Service ' likewise.

  • A suitable niche, A Content  &  A Product

Few possible niches can be like, 

  1. Dating Girls
  2. Making money (if people tweet about unemployment )
  3. Health isuues & Figure maintaining strategies

Once we have a niche, we are going to make a quick blog or website, put our information on the page and state about How can we solve the problem. Find an e-book or a product from clickbank which is relevant to the mentioned problem. When stating the product do sure to go through that products details and check whether it is really reliable and worthy to buy. If you make false statements to your traffic and fool them they might not visit your site or blog in the future.

  • Utilizing Twitter to identify the Buyers

Do a search on Twitter for your niche keyword(s). When you search be sure to add “-http” to the end of your search. This subtracts http from your searches and filters out other marketer’s tweets. When you find a relevant tweet go ahead and reply to them. Make your tweet sound real and not spammy. Also address the problem in your tweet. Do not post a direct link to your site in the tweet because a lot of times will get flagged or will be too many characters long. use Google URL Shortener to shorten the url. Once you shorten it go ahead and post it in your twitter and publish it.

If you follow the steps carefully and give your creative hand to this method this will be a jackpot for you, once it started it will be an automated cash generating machine for You. 

Hope you guys found something interesting and learned something worthy for spending your time reading this article. 


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