Thursday, October 20, 2016

0 Slicethepie : Earn Money for Reviewing Music, Fashion & Mobile

Some of you might already know  that What is Slicethepie & How to earn Money from it but ,   


       Slicethepie was launched in 2007 with the mindset of reviewing Music of the major US record labels and thousands of independent artists, but in 2015 they developed & open doors not only for Music but also for Fashion & Mobile Reviewing, letting their publishers to earn more money from Reviewing not only Music but also other categories also.

In making money from Slicethepie, mostly Two things matter,

  • Star Rating

  • Dexterity in English Language  

          Star Rating runs from 1 star to 5stars & it determines how much money you'd make from a one single review , 

eg : 1 star Reviewers are paid $ 0.01 minimum while the 5 star Reviewers are paid $ 0.20 minimum for a Song review.

Star Rating can be increased according to your Standard of reviewing as whether your reviews are detailed & legit, also whether your reviews can help the advertisers to modify and innovate their brands to a new level.

         Dexterity in Language English or how skillful you in handling English language in an essential factor in making money for Slicethepie as Quality of your reviews also depends on your language skills. In the upper section I mentioned about a minimum because if your English if fair or good or if it's better your earnings normally increase with it.

If you want to be practical, we can get a rough idea about how much money you can make from a day's time. I will assume that your English is Good & you only have a 1 star rating, lower the better I guess.

eg : 
$0.05 per song  x 20 songs per hour 
(50 referrals)  $ 0.005 per song  x 50 x 20 
$ 6 per hour 
( without reviewing Fashion or Mobile )

For each & every referral review you get 10% of their earning and for reviewing Fashion & Mobile you can obtain higher earnings that reviewing music tracks.

As a help in earning better $$$, I'll state few of the prominent facts you should pay attention in reviewing in Slicethepie ;

  •  Standard $, Bonus $$ and Max $$$  
Some categories will pay more than others, depending on what is priority. Slicethepie'll let you know what is paying more when you reach the category page.     

  •  Reviewing Fashion & Mobile 
When reviewing fashion & mobile products look at the pictures and information on the product provided and cite on the design, material, whether you’d buy it, can it be modified with the idea of utilizing for better, & whether it's eye catching & mind-blowing.        

  •  Referral Programme
Slicethepie offers pretty good a referral program for first level referrals. You will receive 10% of all your referrals earnings. Send out a mass invite via Facebook or Twitter and convince as many as you can to sign-up.     

          In Slicethepie You can cashout from Paypal when your earnings reach $10. You don't have to fret as the site has a good history for being an Elite (when a site is better than a legit site) site. If you have one or two spare hours a day you can earn naturally $ 10 - $12 per hour with the help of other categories and your referrals & nearly $ 300 - $ 360 monthly if you give it shot. If you can attain 5 star rating, ... I don't know what to say !

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